Associate Medical Director

Job Number:  19-007-10039

Education:  Graduation from an accredited medical school is required. Successful completion of psychiatric residency approved by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or equivalent body.

DescriptionServes as the psychiatric clinical team lead and administrative liaison between psychiatric providers and program/division leadership within the CFS/IDD division and as a psychiatrist in a community mental health setting.  Assists Integral Care's Chief Medical Officer, to whom this position will directly report, in supervision of staff psychiatrists.  Oversees training of psychiatric residents, fellows, and medical students in collaboration with affiliated teaching institutions.  Assists in recruiting and retaining of CFS/IDD psychiatric providers.  Supervises all physicians and evaluates each on a regular basis. Provides orientation and training for new physicians.  Coordinates on-going training for all physicians.  As a practicing member of the physician staff, determines and documents evidence of psychopathology, if present, and makes a diagnostic formulation. Assesses client's needs and options to satisfy the requirements of the case. Discusses with the client his/her findings and recommendations. Decides whether initiation of treatment is urgent:  medication, hospitalization, social setting, detox program; verifies that written consent for medication of client has been secured, documents therapist's plan and/or completes other referral/medical forms as appropriate.  With appropriate consent of client, carries out treatment plan, documents in prescribed manner the interactions during sessions and progress of therapy. Discusses his/her opinions and/or findings with therapists and makes recommendations when indicated. Works harmoniously with Unit Manager(s) and Chief Medical Officer to define and deliver quality clinical medical care for all clients with the unit(s).
  • Serves as the clinical and administrative liaison between CFS/IDD division administrative leadership and CFS/IDD psychiatric provider as follows:
  • Ensure quality clinical standard of care amongst all division's psychiatric providers and adherence to established Integral Care psychiatric clinical guidelines.
  • Ensure productivity of CFS/IDD psychiatric providers and timely access to CFS/IDD psychiatric services in accordance with Integral Care's strategic goals.
  • Facilitate and ensure clinical education and knowledge base of CFS/IDD psychiatric providers. 
  • Represent and collaboratively address the concerns and needs of CFS/IDD psychiatric providers in a professional manner.  Demonstrate accountability to CFS/IDD divisional administrative leadership and psychiatric providers. 
  • Work closely with CFS/IDD divisional and clinic administrative leadership in meeting division-specific and agency-wide objectives as assigned.  Attend regular prescriber meetings for CFS/IDD.

Support Integral Care's efforts and endeavors in the establishment, maintenance, and innovation in regard to integrated primary care and behavioral health care in accordance with CCBHC initiatives. 

Serve as psychiatric clinical team lead through the following tasks:  Securing appropriate psychiatric providers (physicians/APN/PA) to provide medical/psychiatric services for their assigned units; supervising all psychiatric providers (physicians/APN/PA) and evaluates each on a regular basis; providing orientation and training for new psychiatric providers; coordinating on-going training for all psychiatric providers;  Maintains adequate psychiatric coverage; consulting with Directors and other staff, as appropriate, as to medical/psychiatric needs by unit; consulting with Directors and other staff, as appropriate, as to functioning of psychiatric providers providing services; authorizing psychiatric providers leave requests, as appropriate, while maintaining adequate medical coverage. Also, representing Center with organized medical groups, or groups concerned with the medical services of the Center through:  serving as coordinator and/or liaison with medical groups, hospitals, medical schools and other agencies; joining hospital psychiatric staffs as appropriate; i.e., Shoal Creek, ASH consulting staff, Austin Psychiatric Society, etc.; serving as liaison with ASH Residency Training Program.  Ensures residents, fellows, and students are provided with appropriate educational support in adherence to the Memorandum of Understanding between affiliated teaching institutions.  Represents Center appropriately with external agencies and professional societies.

Note:  Each standard above evidenced through Chief Medical Officer's judgement as being supportive to the functioning of the Center, with more than two complaints of substance per year from divisions or external agencies

Licenses:  Licensed to practice medicine in Texas. Certification in psychiatry and child & adolescent psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology plus 5 years of post-residency clinical experience in child & adolescent psychiatry or with the written approval of the Medical Director.  Completion of pediatric residency is preferred (certification in pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics is optional).  Current and valid Texas driver's license and a clean driving record required.

Hours:  Varies. 

Salary:  $124.02 an hour. 

Integral Care strives to maintain a diverse workforce. We encourage all to apply, including those who have knowledge and/or experience working with underserved populations, including Asian and Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and LGBTQA communities.

For specific positions, additional compensation may be available to those who are bilingual in both English and one of the following languages:  Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, or Burmese. (PM16)

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